Have you heard the phrase, “SEO is dead”? Has someone told you that these practices are outdated and irrelevant? Well, you have been misinformed. In fact, SEO is more relevant than ever. Companies like Online Performance, an SEO agency in London, are working daily to make sure that your business can have access to the best SEO tool chests available.

But why should you invest in SEO? What is the true core of this practice, and why do we want to help you so badly? Here are five reasons why you should invest in SEO, and help your business prosper!

1) Reliance on Search Engines is Increasing Rapidlyrely on search engines means more need for seo

More than ever before, people are relying on Google and other search engines to point them toward the most relevant sites for their search. For example, Alexa.com reports that Google.co.uk is the most visited site on the Internet in the UK, with the average visitor spending nearly 8 minutes on the site daily, and conducting at least 8 different searches every day! That’s a significant amount of time to spend using one site, and something you should be aware of if you are relying on Google to reach your audience.

It’s good to know that people are conducting their searches for Google, but even though eight minutes spent on a site sounds like a long time, it really isn’t. People are looking for results quickly. If your website does not appear on the first few pages, the chances of it ever being visited decrease considerably. SEO works to make sure that your page is optimised for search engines, meaning that the techniques used will help your site show up higher in the rankings. Showing up higher in the rankings translates to more credibility for your brand and your website, and increases the likelihood of someone clicking on it.

2) Companies are still seeing ROI on SEO investments ROI on SEO

Despite all the reports that SEO is an outdated practice that is no longer reliable, companies are still seeing a return on their SEO investments. The steps taken to make sure that your page stays relevant still matter to the different search outlets. Whether it’s enhancing keywords, or building more links, the more SEO is implemented, the more likely it is that your site will see success.

There are two main forms of digital marketing: SEO and PPC (pay per click). PPC advertising is based on a system where you pay based on how many clicks you receive on a certain link, usually on Google AdWords, or another search engine marketing site, and it can be just as useful as SEO. While both forms of advertising can be effective at driving traffic to your site, and a combination of the two techniques is the most ideal approach to a digital marketing campaign, not all companies have a budget to support both methods. If you have to choose, SEO yields the higher return on investment, and should be your first choice for digital advertising.

3) Expert team support for every step of the processonline performance seo team of experts

An SEO organization is built to help you from the moment you start optimizing your site. SEO agencies hire people to specialize in every element, from writing new content to building new links. While they focus on optimizing your website’s SEO, you can focus on optimizing your product and your business operations.  It takes some of the pressure off you and allows you to concentrate on the most important thing-seeing your business succeed.

SEO is not a cookie cutter process. Any company can take advantage of SEO services, and that is why each process needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Every company needs to figure out what it wants to get out of using SEO services, and then the SEO experts can help you determine how to get the best results.

4) SEO is more than just ads seo is more than just ads

Certainly, planning advertisement campaigns like PPC can play a role in your SEO, and while PPC and SEO are equally important, SEO is a much more dynamic process, and in the long run, a lot more profitable. That’s why PPC can be just one element of an SEO campaign. SEO actually starts from the inside out: making sure your site is technically optimised, revising content to be enhanced for certain keywords, and finding other ways to improve your website, all are just as important, if not more important than advertising. SEO becomes part of your marketing campaign, your digital management practices, and your accounting reviews.

SEO campaigns are making sure as many people see your company name as possible. It’s all about brand visibility and credibility, whether it’s ranking higher on a search engine, or seeing a business in a variety of locations. SEO is both a conscious and unconscious process; the harder you work to get ranked higher on search engines, the more the audience will see your brand as a credible source and be more likely to click on your site.

5) Plan for the long term, not the short term include seo in your business plan

SEO is not a one-time practice. You cannot rely on changes made in May to still be relevant in December. That is why having a company that specializes in SEO services is so helpful.  SEO experts are always aware of the newest trends, but are also keeping an eye on how the changes made to your site are trending and identifying how they can be adjusted. Changes will always need to be made, and it is their job to always stay one step ahead to make sure your company stays on top.

Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Your company needs to be ready to encounter hurdles along the way, and adjust the strides you make along the way. If you think you are set the minute you are ranked on the first page of Google, there’s a lot you are missing about SEO. You need to maintain that ranking, and that involves constant website review of both keyword ranking and relevant content.

Do you see it yet? Are you ready to take the next step? If you’re looking for SEO services in London, Online Performance is ready to help. We offer all the SEO tools you need to be sure that your business is optimised for the digital age of 2017.