The online sector of virtual currencies (a.k.a. cryptocurrencies) is entirely fragmented. After bitcoin went big, many other smaller virtual currencies started to pop up. Today, there are over 1,500 different currencies, with even more websites that educate, sell, or market these currencies. According to Coin Dance’s data on March 8, 2018, bitcoin’s market share is just under 42%, with ethereum as the next largest competitor controlling 18.4% of the market. The competition is enormous and fierce. With the right Bitcoin marketing plan, along with a Bitcoin SEO strategy, you will have the tools you need to thrive in this market.

The Importance of Bitcoin SEO

Today’s younger generation knows how to do their research. They have strong perceptions and ideas about companies even before they enter the company’s website. Judgments are made about the company simply based on their ranking in a Google search. If your website isn’t one of the first few listed, chances are you aren’t getting the traffic you desire. You simply have to read our article on Bitcoin SEO to see that some of the top Bitcoin websites are not doing a good job regarding their SEO. There is still a lot of work to do.

Bitcoin Needs Better Marketing

Bitcoin, along with other virtual currencies, have an image problem. A major contributor to this image problem is that they are not well understood. That which is not well understood is often mistrusted. There have been a number of privacy breaches in a number of institutions that have caused the community’s trust in major institutions to take a blow. Bitcoin, and other virtual currencies that are built on blockchains, offer greater security for private information through by spreading out of that information across their blockchain. Virtual currencies are actually the solution for someone who is concerned about financial privacy and security. However, this fact, along with more details of how the currency functions, needs to be properly marketed to the masses in order to grow and thrive long-term.

bitcoin seo strategies

Techniques for Bitcoin Marketing lists the following two techniques as the most important when doing Blockchain SEO:

  1. Build Trust Through Education

Because Bitcoin is not well known, it is vital to build trust with potential new customers. The first way to introduce a potential new customer to bitcoin is to educate him/her about the currency. It is important to help new customers understand the benefits of bitcoin and how the benefits are created and sustained by the Bitcoin market. Positioning your website as a trusted source on all issues related to Bitcoin gives your site the opportunity to be a leading voice in the industry. It is important to use a language that is accessible and easily understood by all. Stay away from overly technical lingo and write in a friendly and welcoming style. Additionally, regularly post resources that will offer new and current customers avenues for further learning about Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

  1. Let Happy Customers Do Your Marketing for You

Word of mouth is one of the most effective (and free!) marketing tools. There are few things that are more valuable in marketing than the first-hand account of a satisfied customer. These customers will be the ones to spread the word to their family, friends, and coworkers about your site, as well as convince them to get involved in Bitcoin. The more your website is seen as a leading voice in the Bitcoin industry, the more positive word-of-mouth marketing will occur. For new customers who are nervous about getting involved in bitcoin, most likely because they do not know enough information about the technology, reassurances from a family member or a friend is the push they need to start purchasing bitcoin today.

Just Getting Started with Marketing Your Bitcoin Site?

Let’s start from the beginning – here are some basic techniques to set the foundation of your marketing plan for your Bitcoin website:

  1. Analyze your data: No doubt your website collects a lot of data. What parts of that data is useful to you? One of the most important things you can do with your data analytics is to use it to create user profiles that are very specific. This will allow you to weed through the less important parts of the data in order to clarify your specific target markets.
  2. Profile Your Customers: Using the information you gathered in your data analytics, narrow down exactly who you want to reach in the market. You should be able to have a clear and specific market that you would like to target. This leads us to the next point…
  3. Content is Crucial: Now that you know exactly who you want to reach, it is time to develop content that is uniquely relevant to that demographic. You have to vary your approach for each market that you want to reach out to, as no two are exactly alike.
  4. Be Different: Understand what makes your website and company unique. What do you offer that none of the others offer? What do you do best? Make sure these answers come across in your marketing.
  5. Hire the Right SEO Agency: This is extremely important. Internet users visit the first few websites that appear in the search results. If your website is not listed in these first few spaces, you won’t get the traffic you are looking for.

Bitcoin, along with other virtual currencies, are on the forefront of technology. Be sure to pair your marketing strategy with an SEO company that has expertise and experience with Bitcoin. With the right combination of website content, Bitcoin SEO tactics, and marketing strategies, your website can stand out as the leading Bitcoin website.