Privacy is a concern among all Internet users today, as well as those who use credit cards and other digital currencies. In response to this, cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot of popularity among individuals in various demographic groups. Bitcoin is a widely known cryptocurrency that allows owners to earn and purchase the currency without being overseen by a central authority or bank. This open-source currency is growing fast in terms of market capitalization and value. According to, the market capitalization of Bitcoin grew from $15 billion to $217 billion in the past year, reaching heights of over $330 billion at times during 2017. In October 2016, one bitcoin was worth approximately $600. Today, the value has risen to nearly $10,000. The popularity of bitcoin is continuing to grow, and as the value of bitcoin is directly correlated to the demand for bitcoin, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) is vital. The more users your website can generate, the more value is given to each bitcoin.

Why is SEO Important?

The short answer is that your website will be ranked higher on search engine results, such as Google. This will drive more traffic towards your website and more customers for your business.

The longer answer, while slightly more complicated, will give you a more in-depth idea of how SEO agencies use certain techniques to drive more business in your direction.

Who are the “Spiders”?

First, let’s talk about search engines. Search engine “spiders” (also commonly called “crawlers”) read all the text on your website to analyze it and match it to keywords that potential customers use to find information. This is good news, as it means that you are not competing against every other website out there, only the other websites in your specific industry. However, that only narrows things down a little bit.

Improve Your Ranking with Bitcoin SEO!

So how do you get to be one of the top listed websites on Google? It starts by using the right blockchain SEO practices:

bitcoin seo on websites

  1. Monitor your search standing regularly. You already know where you want to be, and that’s first on the list. The first step is running a few searches on your preferred search engine and see where you currently are on the list. Are you on the first page? Are you one of the top five websites listed? Try searching with the following phrases to see where your website stands:
  • Bitcoin news
  • Bitcoin mining
  • What is bitcoin
  • Bitcoin value
  • Bitcoin price
  1. Add captions to all pictures. We all know that visuals are great for getting information quickly to viewers. However, “spiders” can’t crawl pictures, even if there is text contained within the picture. It is important to caption the pictures (this also adds more text to your website for “spiders” to read) and to make sure the picture link has keywords in it. If you are going to put up a chart that plots the history of the value of bitcoin, be sure to have a few sentences underneath the graphic that describes the trend.
  2. Put up fresh content regularly. New content does not just draw in repeat visitors, it also gives search engines more text to read. More text means more keyword matches. Your content should be strategic, including keywords in the texts that potential customers might use to search for you. All visitors to your website, including returning visitors, help to boost your standing in Google’s search results, as they prioritize popular sites first. For potentially new customers, put up articles regularly that explain what bitcoin is and why it is valuable. As with almost all cryptocurrencies, at one point or another they are accused of being a scam. The more information you post to educate your readers, the more comfortable they will be in using bitcoin. You should also post articles about news items surrounding the global Bitcoin community. Articles should also educate users about where they can use bitcoin to purchase goods and services. In all these articles, make sure you properly use keywords so that the search engine “spiders” can categorize the content you post.
  3. Hire an SEO agency. There is a lot you can do alone, but sometimes it is better to hire a professional to help you bring your website up to the most current SEO best practices. The internet is always changing and professionals can help you keep your website up to date.

A Prime Example:

For an example, we reviewed the following four sites to analyze their SEO performance:

  • (launched in current form in 2015)
  • (launched in 2011, overhauled in 2013)
  • (launched in 2014)
  • (launched in 2013)

All the websites used the same CMS (WordPress), the same server-side programming language (PHP), the same client-side programming language (Javascript), and the same markup language (HTML5). Their results on their SEO performance, however, differed.

All the above websites could use the assistance of an SEO professional to boost their results in SERPs among a wide range of keyword searches. and came up first in search engine results, while the other two websites were always further down on the list. While all use HTML5 as their markup language, the addition of tags could help improve their listing in search results. None of the websites had start rankings or reviews included in their listing on search engine results.

Online Performance Now Accepts Payments in Cryptocurrencies.bitcoin payment accepted by online performance

Why pay with a digital currency?

  1. It is more secure. With digital currencies, only you can access your account. Since digital currencies work on a “push” method, you send out the payment you want to make to merchants. This is opposite to the way credit cards function, where you give your details to a merchant who pulls out the amount you specify. With this “pull” method, there is a lot of room for identity theft and fraud. With the “push” method, no one has access to pull out any money from your account, and merchants are only able to receive what you send them.
  2. No third parties. Digital currencies are overseen by the community who uses them. You do not have to answer to any centralized bank or credit card company in order to use or manage your account. This gives more privacy and security to those who use these currencies.
  3. There are less fees. Due to the fact that there are no third-parties, such as credit card companies or banks, overseeing transactions, the fees for paying with digital currencies are very low!

If you are currently running a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency website, it’s best to get in touch with an SEO agency today that can help with bitcoin marketing. They can give you the SEO update you need to ensure that your website is ranking high on SERPs.  Having a quality SEO strategy is critical and the competition is fierce. Find out how an company, like Online Performance, can help you compete and win.