2eat Results

2eat screenshot

2eat promotes restaurants across Israel and also provides some helpful recipes.

There were many issues that we encountered with this site, especially the act that it did not translate well on to a mobile platform. Because of this, all text and design choices had to be made very carefully because it wouldn’t respond well to being used on a mobile device.

Another issue to address was the difficulty of promoting a restaurant-specific site. 2eat is a site that sees a lot of traffic on a regular basis, so any changes to the text or the website design had to be carefully considered.  Not only that, but because the online market of restaurant recommendations is large, and Online Performance needed to develop a strategy that would strengthen the SEO and take the technical issues of 2eat into account. Otherwise it would get lost among other restaurant promotion sites. Online Performance needed to help 2eat stand out among the competition.

So far, here are the results 2eat has seen since working with Online Performance:

66.57% increase in Google organic traffic

66.5% increase in new users

10.93% bounce decrease

4.38% more pages

14.39% Avg. session Duration improvement