LeumiTech Results

leumitech screenshot

Leumitech is an Israeli-based international banking platform for high-tech companies around the world.

Because the headquarters for Leumitech are based in Israel, the SEO was done through Google.co.il, as opposed to Google.com. This complicated the process because while the keywords might have been in Hebrew, they were redirecting to a site that was primarily in English. It is much harder to develop SEO for websites and keywords that cross different languages. However, Online Performance’s team of SEO experts based in London figured out a strategy that still allowed Leumitech to target the necessary keywords in both Hebrew and English to allow their SEO scores to grow on Google.co.il.

Since implementing Online Performance’s SEO strategy, LeumiTech has seen the following results:

54.2% increase in Google organic traffic

61.47% increase in new users

4.71% increase in new Google organic traffic