XTrade Results

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Xtrade is an online trading platform using the most advanced technology so that you can participate in stock, Forex, and CFD trading in markets at any time, from anywhere.

With an overwhelming amount of competition in the online trading world, SEO is important for quick and easy name recognition. When Online Performance and their team of SEO experts in London began working with Xtrade, the company had only existed online for a year and they were not well-known, partially because they were not using SEO at the time. For a company in a competitive field such as online trading, developing SEO to push past more recognizable brands can be very difficult. The fact that Xtrade was such a young company also posed a number of challenges.

However, since Online Performance began working with Xtrade, they have seen the following results:

270% increase in Google organic traffic

602%  increase in new users

35% more conversions

55% improvement in keywords positions