Keyword Research

We conduct research based on relevancy and monthly searches with Google’s tools and our own advanced tools. We then carefully decide which keywords to promote for our client’s website. We also look at which keywords Google already lists for pages that do not drive traffic because your position is on the second or third page of results. Using various keyword performance parameters, we will enable your website’s keywords to appear on the first page of Google results in order to receive more relevant traffic.

On-page Reports

  • Every month, our SEO specialists and developers will check your website for all technical issues.
  • Reviewing everything takes us several days. We have to ensure that there are no problems that will harm our SEO efforts.
  • After the on-page report is prepared, we follow up to make sure your developer is carrying out the recommended actions. We also offer development services, if preferable.

Content Writing and Updating the Website’s Blog

Every month we will create relevant content and update it on the blog. The content will be written by our content writer according to instructions given by our SEO specialists. The content will then be updated on the website’s blog and reviewed by another SEO specialist to make sure it is fully optimised. Please keep in mind that this content is specifically written for Google and not for website’s visitors.

Another feature available is to receive instructions from our team for you to write your own content or to use previous content by making the necessary changes required. Combined with our technical SEO efforts and link building, you will notice invaluable improvement in Google’s ranking.

Link Building

Every month, our employees spend a few hours each day searching and finding relevant websites. After finding the relevant websites, they will negotiate with the site owners and/or webmasters, to publish blog posts with the required links. This is an ongoing task since new websites must be found each month. After publishing the content with the links, continuous monitoring is necessary, as at least 10% of the links are removed. Therefore, we make sure to reinstate the links ASAP before SEO efforts are harmed. It’s also important to note that for each link that is built, we need to create the content for it, which is created by one of our content writers according to our SEO specialist’s instructions.