SEO MeetingICO launches can be affected by multiple aspects, including the ICO website, technical aspects of SEO, the technical setup of the ICO, community-related issues, public relations, the search engine optimization strategy etc. The success or failure of an ICO’s marketing strategy is dependent on multiple interrelated factors. A profitable ICO campaign also hinges on the ICO website hitting its token sales targets.

It’s important to remember that the ICO must rely on its website, not solely the actions of distributors, exchanges, agents etc. Additionally, the ICO website must be structured in such a way that it is able to consistently generate token sales post-ICO. One of the most effective ways of achieving long-lasting results with token sales and ICO’s is search engine optimization (SEO). Cryptocurrency and the blockchain it is based upon can benefit greatly from an optimized marketing campaign. This is the most effective way to achieve strategic success with investors and the broader market.

ICOs are more than cash cows for FinTech operations – they lay the foundations of success for the company

Search Engine Optimization Can Enhance Blockchain Startups & ICO’s

As it stands, many blockchain startups and ICO’s are missing the mark when it comes to search engine optimization. This wastage is evident in the overall poor implementation of blockchain SEO in these operations. SEO lays the groundwork of a strategic growth paradigm for a business. Any entity seeking lasting online success requires a well-structured SEO plan. More importantly, it’s imperative to maintain fully optimized websites post-ICO.

Are Blockchain & ICO Companies Preparing for Post-ICO Growth?

Any start-up that punches through the ICO phase of their business lifecycle soon hits a critical stage in operations. For starters, a significant volume of capital will be generated from the token sales, and this can be used to fund business operations. Provided the necessary technology is in place, this breakthrough phase of business operations can lead to rapid growth and development for the company. As blockchain technology is adopted on a wider scale, greater trust is built between investors and FinTech corporations.

What Makes an ICO Launch EffectiveFrom an insider’s perspective, things look markedly different. There is a tendency towards myopia with ICO’s – short-sightedness just to get tokens to market and raise capital. However, the long-term viability of a brand and the digital company’s blockchain technology must persevere beyond the ICO. From a marketing perspective, some interesting questions are raised. It is important to conduct due diligence vis-à-vis ICO operations and what follows. The capital that is raised through an ICO can be put to effective use.

The hype and hysteria of blockchain technology is also grounded in the knowledge that smart contracts and decentralized technology are the way of the future. This raises further questions about how the company wishes to conduct its operations, manage its product lines, and position itself for the future. To achieve these ambitious objectives, advisory boards, marketing management, and top-level leadership needs to direct operations accordingly. Brands that are undergoing ICO’s need to be able to demonstrate their strategic vision and growth prospects, failing which investors should eschew their product offerings.

Are website considerations beyond the 3-month ICO launch date necessary?

Believe it or not, there are serious implications for blockchain and ICO companies adopting a short-term approach to their Bitcoin marketing campaigns and their websites. The ICO is merely the beginning of a lengthy process of building a company that can generate the necessary capital, sustain growth operations, and ultimately become a successful enterprise. Technology takes time to build, implement and generate returns. Only a well-developed, SEO-optimized platform can create what is needed.

Online marketing professionals have come across disconcerting notions within the ICO community, including the following:

  • The technology offered by blockchain & ICO companies does not necessitate a website presence.
  • The blockchain & ICO company does not need to focus on the ICO launch website as a strategic asset.

Digital marketing professionals are deeply concerned about the short-sightedness of revolutionary technologists in the FinTech sector. Here are reasons to focus heavily on SEO in ICO campaigns.

Are digital assets needed for businesses after ICO’s?

Watching ICO as it growsFor some successful ICO companies, the domain and website serve their purpose when tokens are sold. After that, there may be no plans to continue with these digital assets. Unfortunately, there are huge start-up costs (development, investment, and time intensive research) involved in establishing the digital assets for an ICO launch. This budget could be put to better use on developing the Digital Products and training human capital. Token investors (people who buy into ICO’s) have contributed significantly to companies that have substantial digital asset costs. For this reason, it is imperative that these assets lay the groundwork for the company’s operations in the future.

ICO Launch Campaigns: Building Value from the Bottom up

  • Social media is a powerful marketing medium for celebrities and athletes, but it’s less efficacious for blockchain purposes. Nonetheless, the blockchain community comprises many active users with huge financial resources. Targeting these communities via social media channels is highly lucrative.
  • Brand exposure/token exposure gets boosted every time the company and its product lines are mentioned over the Internet. This includes the blockchain community, blogs, forums, finance posts, social media channels etc.
  • Publications and press releases are useful means of maximizing online exposure for the blockchain company and ICO. This is evident in articles, interviews, mentions, posts, insights, reviews etc. Marketing agencies utilize these channels to increase brand awareness, and enhance the profiles of blockchain and ICO companies.
  • In the infancy stages of an ICO campaign, multiple links will be built through public relations activities and directly to the website, via the blockchain marketing consultancy’s efforts. These are extremely valuable, and will ultimately lead to a more successful ICO and higher token sales.
  • Insights can be gleaned from the blockchain audience through the various stages of the ICO. It is possible to build a thriving community that values the blockchain commodity.

Moving Digital Assets Around

It is highly complicated to move digital assets around, and if done incorrectly, major losses can result. Conversely, when done correctly, moving digital assets around can benefit many big brands, and even help them to re-brand and better position themselves in the market. Unfortunately, many blockchain startups don’t comprehend the value-added benefit of digital assets and the amount of money that has been invested in marketing the ICO. If these processes are ignored, the blockchain & ICO company runs the risk of losses. These include the following:

  • New assets take time to grow – public relations work and the digital marketing activity is a time-intensive process. If that is forfeited, the company may need to recover all those losses which could result in 6 months’ worth of lost growth.
  • Trust and credibility is what drives profits with companies. This is especially true with ICO’s and blockchain enterprises.
  • If the original offering has changed dramatically from the current offering, investors may be reluctant to get involved. People like to be able to identify with brands.
  • Budgeting issues can also crop up in the marketing department if digital assets are changed around.

What does SEO Offer?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) encompasses most every aspect of branding and digital assets. The periodic table of search engine optimization ranking factors contains all aspects of SEO including content, HTML, architecture, links, social, trust, personal, violations and blocking. Factors that rank highly should be focused on with precision.

Unfortunately, too many ICO’s and blockchain companies are missing the boat with SEO value. This is evident in their website marketing initiatives. Consider the following:

Medium was launched in 2012 as an online blogging platform used for the purposes of promoting high-quality writing. The question as to why this blogging platform is so pervasive and how to use it is important.

  • Content is the most important asset for any business or brand. It is time intensive to develop the content, expensive to create it, and forms the bedrock of the company’s digital assets. One of the most influential strategies available is content marketing. The leading global brands as well as local commerce utilize content for all the right reasons.
  • By employing effective content marketing strategies, businesses can grow their brand, increase their market share, and tap into the online universe more effectively.

Content posting on digital assets

  • Targeted customers can read your content once it goes live. They will then decide whether to continue exploring your product’s attributes, qualities and characteristics, and share it via social media channels. This sharing is also possible via microblogging platforms, personal blogs, finance websites etc. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing message, and expands the base of your domain and website.

Publishing on Medium

  • Many blockchain and ICO companies will benefit greatly from posting high-value content direct on Medium. The SEO and SEM experts at Moz will explore the content in detail, and their insights are valuable.

How effective is Medium for Search Engine Optimization?

Once professional-grade content has been generated for your digital assets i.e. brand and website – the Medium import tool can be used to move your content over for publication. The essential canonical tag will be moved over to the article. Any value generated to that post via Medium will passed on to your website.

How Are Link Profiles Affected?

The most successful e-commerce enterprises typically invest heavily in SEO, and maintain their online reputations. This is so much more than public perception via social media channels, or within the businesses community. Special care and attention is focused around the website and the domain. Presently, what we’re seeing with ICO’s is that they are not focusing on the strategic effectiveness of constructing their link profiles from positive or negative points of view.Medium and SEO

  • Quality trumps quantity any day of the week. The quality of the link profile – high authority good links versus low authority bad links-  is preferred over the quantity of links. It is expensive to link to high authority sources, but doing so will increase your website and brand’s visibility on the Internet. Even if your digital assets have fewer links than your competition, it’s not the number, but the quality of those links that matters. More often than not, it is the link profile of a website that determines its strategic growth possibilities.
  • Bad links are associated with low levels of trust, and they are largely irrelevant and organically earned from poor networks or sites that find the domain online and then link to it.
  • Good links are extremely relevant, credible, and high authority. They are from ranking publications that have significant clout in the blockchain arena and within the digital currency community. These are precisely the types of links that ICO’s and blockchain companies should be pursuing as part of a strategic growth initiative. It’s important to know how to get these links, where to get these links, and when to get these links.
  • Removing harmful links is key to preventing any damage to things like search visibility. For example, SEO professionals can inform search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others that your digital operations do not want to be associated with harmful links. This can improve your website ranking.
  • Protecting link profiles is core to the success of your long-term strategy. It’s important to know how links impact your website, and where they’re coming from. Powerful links from leading cryptocurrency sources such as Coin Market Cap, Coin Desk, BitcoinTalk, Token Market, TradingView and others are paramount. You can do damage to your link profile by adding low relevance links, and that’s precisely why a well-structured SEO plan is essential. The only way to ensure success with your link profile is enlisting the support of a professional and highly experienced team of Bitcoin SEO consultants. This should be factored into your marketing budget.

2017 also revealed some interesting findings vis-à-vis on-site optimization issues. For the most part, many ICO websites neglected elementary SEO best practice methodology. It indicates a lack of understanding in how digital marketing should be implemented within the blockchain and ICO community. Fortunately, there are solutions to this dilemma:

  • The simplest SEO actions are the most effective. The elementary nature of these activities is probably the reason why so many blockchain and ICO startups fail to implement them. If the basics are not implemented, the foundations are absent and there will be no effective long-term ICO growth strategy.
  • Various cases exist of digital assets that passed from one marketing agency to another, without any attention paid to optimizing URLs, keyword research, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, on-page optimization techniques, or any targeting of clientele whatsoever. This lends credence to the concept that many ICO companies fail to see beyond the short-term capital generation of the initial coin offering. To gain traction and stay relevant online, ICO companies must fully optimize their digital assets. The absence of effective SEO optimization indicates that the company has a short-term focus – typically 3 months after the ICO has launched.

There are ways to avoid the pitfalls of poorly optimized, or unoptimized websites. The best of which is constructing a start-up website. These activities are costly and time intensive. It’s important to have in-depth analytical data of services being provided, products on offer, and the target audience. Many of the world’s leading marketing organizations spend millions of dollars annually to develop these growth and marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, we are not seeing this level of investment, or interest in ICO websites. The short and sweet of it is the following: ICO businesses should focus their efforts on building a fully optimized website that will ensure the long-term viability of their brand and their blockchain operations.

Busting the Myth That the Brand Does Not Require an Online Presence for Success Post ICO

As we have indicated in our guide, it is foolhardy to assume that any online business would not need to optimize its operations for long-term success. SEO is a failsafe means of ensuring compliance with all aspects of search engine functionality, ranking and success. As soon as an ICO is done and dusted, that blockchain company will seek top rankings in search engines and at exchanges on the net. This ensures that traders will be able to buy and sell digital tokens and increase the value of the company. This added exposure is a powerful incentive to push for a strong online presence. Investments do not stop growing at ICO stage – that is the base from which they continue their growth prospects. That’s why it behooves companies and their marketing departments to make a concerted effort to look beyond the ICO launch for long-term success.

The Good Things That Happen Post ICO

Market research indicates that once an ICO has been completed, the brand will generate significant online publicity. Naturally, this is to be expected if token sales generate millions of dollars in a short amount of time. However, how will the raising of millions of dollars impact the digital assets of the company? For one thing, it generates greater publicity among traders, investors and industry aficionados. Stakeholders will be frequenting the website of the ICO company, resulting in greater brand exposure.

As a case in point, consider Coin Market Cap. This digital currency platform sports an impressive 8 million visitors every month. It is considered the gold standard of cryptocurrency. An ICO platform that starts linking a ranking digital currency website like this one will see traffic increases within the first month. This is the single best way for potential investors to evaluate the authenticity, viability and profitability of potential blockchain companies. These links will generate even greater traction within the cryptocurrency community. Even if links are removed, the overflow remains positive for an indefinite period.

The value added by linking to high-ranking/high authority websites is significant. Many of the most successful companies in the world spend big money to achieve similar results, yet this can be done through mere mentions and link building from top-ranking websites. High traffic volumes are instantly available from websites that generate hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month, sometimes even millions. Other benefits include the following:

  • High levels of targeted traffic from ranking websites to a domain
  • High authority back links prove valuable for future investors
  • Increased brand recognition builds interest in the company

The Bad Things That Happen after ICO’s

The success of ICO’s depends on the consideration given to optimizing their digital assets. Scant attention to SEO can negatively impact the long-term growth prospects of startups. As a rule, it is important to safeguard successful ICO’s from low authority links post ICO. Failure to do this indicates a lack of knowledge about search engine optimization. The most basic aspects of SEO must be adopted pre-ICO and post-ICO. ICO’s require the use of content marketing platforms, but using only Medium is the wrong approach.

If the digital assets of ICOs have weak SEO, it’s important to reconsider multiple aspects such as SEO metrics, ranking, content marketing strategies, traffic, and links.

Poorly executed digital marketing for your brand or website will negatively impact long-term growth strategies. In other words, it will be functioning at a sub-optimal level and not be generating the type of traffic, trade, and value-added benefits that investors expect. Poor insights into long-term growth prospects can negatively impact businesses in multiple ways including the following 5 areas:

  • Costs– driving investors, traders, and customers to an ICO website is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Is the best behind the ICO? Most of the hype that is generated with a blockchain company is in the pre-ICO stage of operations. What happens next?  The only way to ensure ongoing success is to retain and grow digital visibility. The most important thing that a FinTech company can do at this point is maximize all mentions, content, links and money spent during the start-up phase and post start-up.
  • Growth prospects emanate from the website and a powerful online presence.
  • Market share is lost if a business does not optimize its digital marketing assets from the get-go. Post ICO, a company stands to lose significant market share with a sub-optimal website.
  • Time intensive nature of ranking on search engines. Consider that 60% of the pages that have a top 10 ranking on Google have had an online presence for more than three years. This goes to show that organic growth and search engine optimization is a time intensive process.

Expert Blockchain & ICO Marketing Advice

Blockchain & ICO MarketingWhile there is plenty of professional marketing advice available for the blockchain and ICO market, many of these FinTech companies are not listening. Too many ICO’s view their digital assets as a vehicle to get them to launch, and pay no mind to the post-ICO phase of operations. This indicates that the knowledge of smart contracts and innovative technologies supersedes their understanding of elementary SEO functionality.

Perhaps it is the tedious nature of building a successful digital presence that raises the ire of the cryptocurrency ICO elite. However, there are effective ways to maximize spend and improve the long-term success rates of these start-up companies. Be advised that each ICO that launches is subject to specific rules and requirements. Tokens may need to be held for a time before they can be traded.