SEO for a WebsiteThe success of your online presence is mainly determined by one thing – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  SEO is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. Its primary focus is to drive more visitors to a site that will ultimately convert into sales.   Sounds simple right?  But without an effective SEO strategy to get your website to a higher ranked position on the search results page, your website is likely to be overtaken by competitors, and worse still, missed by potential customers. The higher the page is ranked, the more visits it will receive from users.   A professional SEO services company like Online Performance will ensure that you get to the very top of the page, and more importantly, stay there.

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providing professional SEO services in London.  We offer a wide range of SEO services, and are motivated by only one goal. Getting the very best results for our clients.  This means utilising the talents of our world-class team of SEO experts to ensure the best possible exposure for our clients’ websites.  We challenge and innovate; our customer service is unrivaled, and we strive to be industry leaders.

However, choosing the right SEO company for your needs can be a minefield.  A quick search on Google for ‘SEO companies’ will produce hundreds of results from companies all promising the same thing; they will get you to the first page of Google’s natural search.  How can every company promise this?  The simple answer is some can and some cannot.  So, how can you be certain you’re engaging the right SEO Company?


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First of all, let’s address some misconceptions about SEO companies.  Just because they have a nice looking website, doesn’t mean that they are the best.  Moreover, neither does the fact that they have hundreds of staff or a huge turnover mean that you are guaranteed to get the very best SEO company. Such a company may be good at something, but it may not be brilliant SEO.  The best SEO for you may just be that smaller company who doesn’t promise you the earth, but is customer-focused and is always working for you, and not just themselves. Bigger isn’t always better.

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The team at Online Performance have come up with some tips to consider when hiring an SEO company:

  1. What are your end goals? Start the process by deciding what you want to achieve. Is it improved rankings? Do you need a one off SEO audit, ongoing SEO, link removal or one of the many other things that SEO companies promise?  How will you measure successful SEO?  If you can’t measure results, then you’re less likely to be successful with them.
  2. Try and look beyond the superficial. Once you know what your end goals are, engage with a number of SEO companies and ask them what they can do to achieve your goals.  These free consultations are vital, they will give you the opportunity to meet with the SEO provider and see if you like them.  Always go with your instinct.  Don’t necessarily go for the first company at the top of your Google search.  Don’t chose an SEO company that promises a quick fix, but who will ultimately not care that in six months’ time your SEO performance is flagging.   Increasing traffic to your website should be the end goal, not just improving rankings.  It’s vital to understand that there are no quick wins; successful SEO can be a long process.  The SEO experts at Online Performance promote in a non-traditional way in order to achieve the highest possible conversion.  SEO specialists need to carefully select appropriate keywords that will bring in the greatest traffic and convert to leads, and not only for the first month.

Don’t go for an SEO company that doesn’t put their customers at the centre of all they do.  These initial consultations may take a few days as the SEO Company will have to research your company.

  1. Look at their client pedigree. Do they already have clients like you? Ask them the key questionAre you going to achieve my SEO goals?  This is the most important question.  Without being an SEO expert yourself, it’s not so easy to get a valuable answer.   With this in mind, ask to see the company’s case studies, their client testimonials and if possible, see what their customer retention rates are like.  These are all good indicators that the SEO Company in question should do a good job for you.
  2. Meet with them. Get to know the team who will be potentially supporting you, and with whom you may be investing a huge amount of money.  It’s also worth asking if they have in-house experts in the fields of technical, content, links and conversion.  Are these people you can trust to fulfil your business objectives?  Find out whether they live and breathe SEO, or whether they’re out just to secure the business.   Drill them down on what their values are, what motivates them, what their backgrounds are, and essentially just figure out if you can work with them over the long-term.

By setting yourself clear objectives, end goals, looking, and meeting with a number of potential SEO providers, you will ensure that you’re hiring the right SEO Company for yourself.

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