why you should use online performance marketingIn online performance marketing, results are measured through the volume of page views, website clicks, leads and ultimate sales that your website achieves. The best search engine optimization services keep in mind the concept of performance marketing when working to achieve high website or advert rankings in Google’s search results page. Publishers and affiliates receive payment only after ensuring that the advertisers receive value for their money by meeting specific targets.

In the past, businesses were forced to use traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and television to advertise their products. These advertising methods were extremely broad, and brands would simply market their product to a wide range of segments, with no feedback on whether their efforts were successful or not.

Today, the Internet serves as a major advancement in technology and offers a global platform where business entities can market their products. A high percentage of successful businesses have embraced the use of online performance marketing, as a way to sell their products. The Internet offers a number of benefits over traditional advertising media, such as the ability to target specific segments and receive quantified feedback on your marketing efforts.

However, for a business website to gain recognition and stake a claim in the online market, it has to rank highly in search engine results. Considering the stiff competition that exists among businesses, companies have to ensure that they achieve high web rankings to gain exposure to prospective clients. To achieve this high ranking, especially on Google, a company or business has to seek out professional search engine marketing services.

Advantages of Online Performance Marketing Using online performance seo

Cost Effective

Considering the global recession, many business owners have limited advertising budgets. Nonetheless, advertising plays a key role in ensuring that a business remains relevant in the market. Online performance marketing is inherently different from conventional advertising, which involves the upfront payment of advertising fees. With online performance marketing, the business owner releases advertising fees after the successful completion of set targets or transactions.

Additionally, the publisher may use concepts such as international search engine optimization to ensure the advertisements meet a certain criteria. For instance, the publisher can target a certain age group of potential clients from a specific location at a certain time of the day. This ensures that the business gets exposure to the intended target of prospective clients.


It is measurable, ensuring that advertisers only pay for what they get. The marketing involves four pricing models that are important in measuring results. The pricing models include Cost-Per-Mille (CPM), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA). As the names suggest, the advertiser pays after the achievement of each completed task or action. For instance, in the Cost-Per-Mile model, advertisers pay for impressions on the clients. In the Cost-Per-Click model, advertisers pay when potential clients click on their advertisements.

Using these results, business owners are able to measure progress in terms of exposure to clients and increase in sales. Essentially, businesses are able to calculate their return on investment.


This type of internet marketing is feasible for all types of businesses. From sole-proprietorships to blue chip companies, performance marketing works using the same concept while giving the same desirable results. Performance marketing works with any type of budget that an advertiser might have. However, search engine optimization of an advertisement or website will determine the number of impressions that they receive. Pages that rank highly in Google search results and other search engine results are more likely to receive more exposure and impressions.

In conclusion, online performance marketing and search engine optimization are concomitant. The two go hand-in-hand and should be used together in order to ensure the best possible results. For a business website or advertisement to achieve impressive online performance marketing results, it has to rank highly among search engine results. Therefore, a website or an advert has to be optimized using the latest highly advanced technology to ensure that it ranks highly in search engine results, especially on Google’s search results page. When seeking to outsource search engine optimization services, always look for the best professionals in the industry.